Monday, June 29, 2009

New Field same Shiti Mets

Here at Save Flushing Queens we will often take a few moments to cry over the missed opportunity for our beloved New York Mets. This weekend was as depressing as could be as the New York Skankees swept our team. First we had to endure every radio station was playing Michael Jackson while I have to admit I love his music his personal life disgusted me and I hated seeing him idolized!

Then our Mets showed us that we are once again Pretenders rather than Contenders. Now I must focus on the things that matter this summer the 2 elections that face our section of Queens the 19th and 20th Council districts. But I am still keeping my fingers crossed that the Mets get healthy and win while the best candidates for the 19th and 20th Council districts are also victorious.

So Cry today for our Mets who had an abysmal series against that team from the Bronx and may we be continuously entertained with the Races for City Council Mayor and Comptroller.

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  1. I will only Vote for Met Fans! So tell everyone I don't care about Taxes or Death Penalty or Welfare Its METS METS METS.

    PS I hate Bloomberg even before I knew he was a Boston fan