Thursday, July 9, 2009

Isaac Sasson Time to Stand up and Denounce your Democratic Race Mongering Opponent Yen Chou

Sometimes we expect those who wish to lead to stand up and lead! I am shocked, outraged and yes even disappointed that the despicable racial overtones of the Chou campaign have not been addressed by any of the candidates in the September primary. I am especially disappointed in the lack of courage of a man I have held in high regard, Isaac Sasson. Not a peep out of his campaign! He never even acknowledged our Post and our trying to “out” a Political agenda that is harmful to the diversity of our local political landscape.

Yen Chou statements in her press conference and in the Chinese Media are harmful for race relations and hurtful for all those who wish to live in peaceful coexistence. We thought our Political leaders had learned from Julia Harrison that hurtful vengeful race baiting is unacceptable.

We will offer space on this blog to any of the candidates in the Primary who have the moral courage to respond.


  1. I have no idea why this Blog Site holds Sasson in high esteem.. He is arrogant, short tempered and frankly, a disgrace he is incapable of Standig Up he is not a Man

  2. it is a Blog set up for Sasson!

  3. As this race continues I hope that you will see that John Choe can reach across racial lines and be the leader.

  4. This is a blog setup up to promote the Sasson!
    My families and I ( totally, 10 voters) will not vote for Sasson! And we will inform of my friends too. Do not use ugly trick to attack any body!