Friday, July 17, 2009

Time to Play Nice Ladies and Gentleman

The time for all the shenanigans is about to begin! Lets hope that when the candidates for the 19th and 20th Council District file for public office that they think about the voters rather than their self interest.

You see each year one candidate or another is thrown off the ballot by their opponent. Why because these candidates are afraid to face a real challenge, afraid to let the public make the determination of who should represent them.

Well Save Flushing Queens has purchased an email list of 5,000 households off a Political List Broker and are poised to do weekly updates. We will be sure to include all those who are going to waste our courts time with law suits and waste taxpayer money by frivolously challenging an opponent, we will oppose anyone who denies someone the right to seek to represent us!

We as private citizens are seeking a choice, a real choice and this year we have that, if candidates use our archaic system of “Petitioning” to limit our choice we will work hard to oppose said candidates.

This Post will be sent to all the candidates Please tell us if you plan on Challenging your opponent or if you believe in true Democracy!


  1. Politicians THINK for themselvs ACT for themselves WORSHIP themselve.

    Lets hope they all get knocked off the ballot, we may be better off without a representative this way there is noone to lie, cheat steal our have sex with!

  2. According to World Journal, Yen Chou has 50-60 "volunteers" checking on every candidate's petitions. Gee, she really wanna kick others out!

  3. I doubt they're "volunteers." She doesn't have a good volunteer network -- has already spent over $100,000 (more than any other candidate) because she has had to hire so many people to get her petitions signed and man tables for her.