Thursday, July 16, 2009

S.J Jung Shows Yen Chou that Koreans Can!

We received this e-mail from one of our readers. It is obvious that Yen Chou is wrong, Korean candidates ARE formidable, capable and effective!

S.J. Jung, Democratic candidate for the 20th City Council District finished the current financial filing period outpacing all opponents in the race. Jung concluded the fundraising period with a total of $131,540 raised and $92,203 cash on hand. Having met the threshold for qualifying for matching funds, it is anticipated that Jung will receive the maximum matching grant of $107,333 from the Campaign Finance Board. When combined with funds already raised, this will place Jung at a total of $238,823, ahead of every other candidate in the Democratic primary.

S.J. Jung is participating in New York City's public campaign financing system, which gives extra financial support to candidates who agree to limit the influence of big-money contributors in their campaigns. Although the Campaign Finance Board has not yet begun disbursing matching funds, Jung's campaign filings show that he has met all requirements and raised sufficient funds from individual donors to receive the maximum matching grant of $107,333, which, when combined with funds already raised, means that he has adequate funds to reach the campaign spending limit. Jung's campaign funds are fueled by small donations, with fully two thirds of his donors giving contributions of $1 00 or less.

"I appreciate the financial contributions from my supporters, especially in these tough economic times. I'm excited by the enthusiastic reaction from community members, who are responding to my campaign because they are looking for a leader who has the skills and experience they need on the City Council," Jung explained. "In every neighborhood and at every door people are asking why we still don't have a plan for smart growth in our neighborhoods. They're frustrated by congestion and overcrowding; worried about their schools; very concerned about the economy and wondering when City government is going to start getting to work. With 20 years of experience as a business owner and Executive Director of a nonprofit, I have the real world experience that we need on the Council."

S.J. Jung has served as the executive director of a nonprofit group and a successful small businessman, working to improve the quality of life for families in the 20th City Council District for over two decades. With more leadership experience than any other candidate in the race and a proven track record of helping families, Jung is running for City Council to ensure that our community's future growth puts the needs of middle and working families first.

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The following are the financial filing numbers as of the July 15th financial filing deadline according to the Campaign Finance Board:

S.J. Jung: raised $131,540 (raised $238,823 with expected matching funds), spent $38,613

Yen Chou*: raised $229,177, spent $140,292 [declined matching funds]

Isaac Sasson: raised $81,849, spent $64,534

James Wu: raised $61,828, spent $48,049J

John Choe: raised $49,399, spent $16,491

Constantine Kavadas*: raised $47,265, spent $17,792 [declined matching funds]

*Yen Chou and Constantine Kavadas will not receive public matching funds, since both candidates opted out of the New York City's public campaign financing system.


  1. Toxic_Avenger@live.comJuly 16, 2009 at 11:58 AM

    on paper you are correct in your statement that SJ Jung is the leader assuming he recieves the max in matching funds, but in the real world of campaigning, that may not be true. I have attened several CFB meetings and they have continously stressed to all candidates to raise as much as possible because there will be no guarantee to anyone in obtaining the max in matching funds. so this maybe a horse race after all????

  2. happy to add you to our press list, so you will get these emails in the future. where shall we send it?

  3. Yes, it's a horse race. I've been following the various campaigns (not easy because there's so little coverage!) to figure out who I like -- jury's still out. At first, I was deciding between John Choe and maybe Isaac Sasson, but I may be changing my mind. Jung's just been getting a lot of endorsements that are hard to ignore, like Working Families Party, DC 37, SEIU 32 BJ. And the New York League of Conservation Voters just endorsed him too. The environment and quality of life are really important to me, and I feel that Flushing has been really going downhill on those issues -- I think it says something that he got this endorsement. I'm going to go to a candidate forum because I want to meet the candidates in person before I make up my mind though.