Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Yen Chou Should Apologize For Racist Politicking

Yen Chou, a Democratic candidate for the 20th Council seat has caused quite a stir from her fear mongering and racist campaign tactics. Save Flushing Queens is sending this Post to her Campaign to ask her to apologize to the individuals she offended especially, Isaac Sasson.

As our previous Post reported, Chou stated in a press conference statement that failure to vote for a Chinese candidate in the primary is in fact a vote for the “Jewish” candidate, since Sasson is the only “Jewish” candidate this is a direct attack on Mr. Sasson.

Her other offensive statements toward the Korean Candidates in the race were equally disturbing. She obviously feels that a Korean cannot be a qualified candidate. It is abundantly clear that her campaign strategy is to make personal attacks, divide and conquer. We are confident that the good people of Flushing will reject her!

Chou also stated that Non Asian representatives don't really help Chinese people and this is why Chinese people look for help from local associations and the newspapers. Yen Chou is obviously unaware that non for profits are created all over this city to help ALL, notwithstanding Race Religion or Creed. Yen Chou’s statement about white representatives is a direct attack on all those in government service from our Fire Department to the Police to any White, Black, or Hispanic who seeks to represent our diverse city. Elected officials must represent all they serve and it appears that not only is Yen Chou incapable but unwilling to do this.

So all Chinese, Koreans, Indians, Hispanic, African Americans, Whites and Multi-Racial individuals must join to reject the racist political agenda of Yen Chou.

So on Primary Day September 15 as members of the community of all races and ethnic backgrounds, we should reject Yen Chou and her failed political agenda. If elected she will be shunned by the legislators, community leaders and residents she offended. Ultimately, the 20th Council District will be left with an ineffective and divisive representative with no ability to build the coalitions necessary to achieve success for our Council District!


  1. Just wanted you to know a little about Issac Sasson....

    A veteran representative on Community Board 7, Sasson takes an active role in shaping issues as both a critic of local problems and a champion of causes that can help Flushing. As a member of the Health Committee, he has worked to prevent cutbacks in senior services and demanded compliance with federal and state standards at area nursing homes.

    In addition to these achievements, Sasson may well be defined by his courage to challenge the political order in Flushing. A few years back, he took on the powerful incumbent councilman, John Liu, in a bid to highlight issues he considered important for the community.

    He stated then, “I am running for office because I see the changes in my neighbor and Jon has not done the job he should have done,” Sasson said at the time.

    Though his campaign ultimately failed, his emphasis on political independence led him to an alliance with Flushing businessman Jimmy Meng, who successfully defeated incumbent State Assemblyman Barry Gordenchik.

    To quantify Sasson is the true rebel with a cause who uses his vast wealth to benefit others. Yen Chou is not fit to iron the shirts of such an honorable jewish leader.

  2. Even the little know Constatine Kavadas who's claim to fame is his poster hanging in the Palace Diner recognizes the need for peaceful coexistence by using the campaign slogan "finding unity in our diversity to bring about change" Hey Yen, Are u listening?

  3. toxic_avenger@live.comJuly 7, 2009 at 11:54 PM

    Browsed the net this evening and read you blog... Seems that Anonymous is from the Sasson campaign, the way he promotes his candidate hope he is being paid well... as for his last statement of his 5:03 PM blog I would venture to say he is a little rasist with his comment about Yen Chou not fit the iron someone shirt, directed at a chinese person??? Hmmmm...