Sunday, July 5, 2009

Yen Chou Racist Diatribe Divides Community

In a recent self-serving press release, Democratic Candidate Yen Chou fired some racist, inappropriate, demeaning and dishonorable shots at the rest of the candidates seeking to replace John Liu in the City Council.

In her statement Yen Chou states, she is the only one that has strength, professionalism, community service and knowledge of the inner workings of the City Council. Although she is entitled to these positions, and we vehemently disagree with her assertion, it is some of the other statements that we find repulsive, weak, unprofessional and unfitting of anyone who seeks to serve the community as an elected representative.

To state that if a person chooses to vote for someone else or fails to vote in the primary that they are helping the “Jewish” candidate is anti-Semitic and fear mongering. To say that non-Asian elected officials don’t help Chinese people is a direct attack on all the good people in Government Service.

Her press statement is a direct attack upon Korean Americans who are seeking public office. Are we to believe that Yen Chou is the only choice for Council? According to her she is, perhaps she should be spending more time taking courses on “How Not to Offend Good People”

Her press statement falsely asserts that only she has the ability to get bills passed and things done at City Hall Meanwhile John Choe has the experience as John Liu’s chief of staff and Peter Koo is needed by the Mayor for his election, both of these men will have more influence in City Hall than Yen Chou will have in a lifetime.


  1. Can you please post her press release? Otherwise your comments are hard to place in context. Thanks.

  2. here is the translation of the Press Release sent to us from an anonymous source via e-mail:

    Voters should cast the votes for candidates, not for political parties?

    In Flushing, Democrats to Republicans are 4:1. Candidates who win the Democratic Primary will win the general election. So, if you want to wait till the general election to vote for Peter Koo and give up your vote in primary. You are like helping the Jewish candidate to get elected. (We assume two Korean will kill each other)

    Why we have to vote for Chinese candidate, not someone else as long as he is willing to help Chinese people?

    A) Anyone who has basic knowledge about the community or has done some constituency service would know that non-Asian elected officials don’t really help Chinese people. Otherwise, we wouldn’t see so many (Chinese) people looking for help from local associations on the newspaper everyday.

    B) Yen Chou is the best candidate for city council. She is the only one who collects all strength of others: professional, small business, public service, community service, knowledge to the operation of city council.

    C) Will Korean people and Jewish people give up the seat in the city council just because the Chinese candidate is better? If the won’t, then why we have to do it? If we can’t consolidate, we shouldn’t blame for being ignored or edged in the future.

    As long as the candidate is a nice person, he doesn’t have to be able to speak very well?
    Being a council member from Flushing, the person doesn’t only have to be a good person and has knowledge of the community, but also be able to work with other council members. Passing a bill requires the ability to negotiate and discuss with others. Whether the bill is able to be passed depends on politicians’ ability to convince people. If we send some one who doesn’t have ability to be our representative, it can only damage we Chinese people’s image in the main stream and our chance to enhance our position.

    Chinese people are the main stream in Flushing. So, we don’t have to worry?

    Chinese voters only contribute 56,000 out of 38,000 democrats. We are not the majority. So, every Chinese people should come out to vote. We are not targeting Peter Koo as our enemy for no reason. We are afraid that some Chinese voters want to wait till November to vote for Chinese candidate and thus give up their votes in the primary and reduce the percentage of Chinese votes in Democratic primary. As we mentioned before, the success in the Democratic primary means the victory in the general election. If you want to wait till November to vote for Peter Koo, you are helping the Jewish candidate to get elected. So we hope every community leaders here can remind your people: “Yen Chou is in danger, we need your vote!”

  3. Thank you. Who runs this blog? Do you have a candidate in this race?

  4. Just a couple of community residents. We have not supported a candidate yet.

  5. Peter Koo is not perfect but he is a better candidate then the rest of the bunch except the the one true community leader Issac Sassone. This Blog should look close at a man who is Honest Professional and Experienced

  6. Sassone is a seasoned Political leader who is a tenant activist, and independently wealthy, who was a cancer Doctor he is the right choice for Council. The assertion made that white people will not represent asian americans is racicst.