Monday, July 13, 2009

The New Power of the Asian American Vote: More Evident than Ever

We have witnessed firsthand how Mike Bloomberg during his re-election bid has courted the immigrant vote. Perhaps the group he maintains has become the most influential and the most sought after is the Asian Americans. This is a clear indication that the Asian Americans have become a strong influential voting bloc not only in Flushing but in City Politics.

A prime example is a young Chinese American Councilman John Liu who catapulted himself from obscurity to become the lead candidate for citywide office, taking an early lead over veteran politicians including the powerful Weprin family and Melinda Katz a protégé of the Hevesi camp.

This year we will see a group of candidates fighting it out in Flushing in a Democratic Primary only to face off against a well respected and well financed Republican in Peter Koo. It is clear that this year seems to be the time when Asian Americans flex their Political Muscle in City Politics.


  1. Isaac Sasson may benefit fom a divided community of Asian American Voters. He can pull off a Victory in Septber. But oddly enough he may lose in November to Peter Koo a strong Republican This race will be fun to watch.

  2. Yen Chou has shown that she can not represent all the people, her hateful statements found here are hurtful and mean spirited.

    This now gives us John Choe as the leading candidate for the Democratic Party and you are right Mr. Koo is well liked he could win in November.

  3. Toxic_Avenger@live.comJuly 14, 2009 at 1:51 PM

    Hey Anonymous, before you spread unfounded rumors you need to know the I reached out to the Chou camp and asked if it were true about the things said in this blog. I was told that they reponded to this blog and that this blog has refused to publish it. They invited me to go to their camp and review what they wrote and what was acutually said. Maybe we can go together. Let me know

  4. We have not received a response from the Yen Chou campaign... Which is a disaapointment! So Mr. Toxic_Avenger ask them to send what they alleged to have Emailed to us to you. Then we will publish it!

    You can be assured that every Post has been published so far. We moderate to insure no profanity is utilized not to limit free speech.

    I can assure you that Yen Chou's team is not telling the truth ask for a copy of the email they told you they sent to us, look at the date, see if they are being truthful prove it!

    We believe that these comments are going to be harmful to her in the Primary and rightfully so!

    We will continue to let people know of her racially hateful comments until her camp offers either an apology or an acceptable explaination should one exists.

  5. I don't really blog but someone emailed me this site and since I live in Flushing I am now a follower. I am disturbed with Chou's comments and frankly as a Democrat I was leaning in her direction with my fmaily of 6 Prime Voting Democrats. No more her failure to respond is a sign of guilt

  6. Toxic_Avenger@live.comJuly 16, 2009 at 11:25 AM

    Dear Save Flushing Queens blogger, i took your advise and reaced out to the Chou campaign and to my amazement, they showed me a printout of the e-mail they sent to you at the address you sent them. the address is and it was sent to you on july 10 2009 at 4:28 pm with an attachment of SFQ Camapaign Response. they said they would show me the contents of the email once you acknowledge receipt of mentioned document. please respond. Now I am totally curious????

  7. After reviewing our inbox, we did receive a response from the Chou Campaign team on July 10th. Will reprint here after they send it in a word format.

  8. We have yet to get her response in a word format to reprint